Tuesday, 20 May 2014

(a gentle nudge)*

But of course I would have come!

I even think I could have come if…
Well the point is that I tried, right?

No, really! I did.

Because I thought about trying and while I thought about it
I imagined how pleased you would have been, and
That made me feel incredibly warm inside.
Special and important too. For just a few minutes:

I stood right there - my feet immovable -
I stood right there - my one hand held yours
I stood right there - my other hand, a fist in the sky
I stood right there - my head bowed down 
in celebration and commemoration

- and I would have stood right there, of course!
I would have held your hand, no doubt!
I would have if
I would have come.
But you know that already, right?


You would know that, you say?

Ah, I suppose you would be right if I was
the kind of person who never came
but I would have come. So that’s different.

It really is.

*(dedicated to those who will at some point in the future say, they were going to visit their local sites of non-citizen resistance but sadly didn't make it before the protests ended - victoriously or otherwise)

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Thank you Sharon